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NZIFST Annual Conference


J. C. Andrews Award

This, the Institute's most prestigious award, is presented annually in memory of Massey University's first Chancellor, Dr John Clark Andrews, who proposed that a food technology degree course be established at Massey University.

More about Dr J C Andrews

Those eligible for the award are Institute members (usually Fellows) who have made a substantial contribution to science and technology in the food industry.

The winner is invited to give a keynote address on a topic of their choice at the NZIFST annual conference. The name of the winner is not made public until announced at the conference when an engraved plaque is presented and citation read. The address and citation are published in Food New Zealand journal.

Fellowships and Honorary & Guest Fellows

FELLOW . A Professional Member can be nominated as a Fellow if he or she has made a substantial contribution to the profession of food science and technology, through outstanding service in at least one of the following areas:
� research and development leading to creation of new knowledge,
� technology transfer and education,
� development of the food industry including promotion of its ethical standards and public image,
� development of the affairs of the Institute, its Branches or Divisions.

HONORARY FELLOW. Any Member of the Institute may be elected as an Honorary Fellow who, in the opinion of Council has:
� attained a position of eminence in food science and technology,
� made an extraordinary contribution to the disciplines of food science and technology,
� rendered services of an exceptional nature to the Institute, or
� merits election on any other appropriate basis.

GUEST FELLOW. Council may invite eminent food scientists and food technologists to accept a Guest Fellowship of the Institute. A Guest Fellowship is honorary..

Exemplary Services Award
This award, initiated in 1993, is to recognise those who give exceptional service to the Institute, and might not otherwise be recognised.

Dairy Division Study Tour Sponsorship
First awarded in 2003, NZIFST offered sponsorship for two members for travel and accommodation costs on the study tour to Brisbane, organised by DIANZ. NZIFST again offered sponsorship for the May 2005 Study Tour to Sydney, arranged by the Dairy Division. The only requirement to be eligible is that you are a fully financial member of NZIFST.

Under-Graduate Student Prize - Kelvin Scott Memorial Prize
This prize is awarded annually in memory of Professor Kelvin Scott, the founding professor of food technology at Massey University, and the founder of the Institute.
The winner is the student in either the Food Engineering, Food Technology or Food Science option of the Bachelor of Technology degree at Massey University, who scores the highest mark in the subject area of food process engineering at the 300 (third year) level.
Winner selected by the University. The Student does not need to be a member of the NZIFST.
The prize consists of a certificate and $500, and one year free full membership to NZIFST.

More about Professor Kelvin Scott

Under-Graduate Student Prize - Food Science at the University of Otago

Initiated in 1992, this prize is awarded annually to the University of Otago student enrolled for the degree of Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Consumer & Applied Sciences with the highest standard of achievement in Food Sciences papers at 200-level (e.g. FOSC201, FOSC 202).
Winner selected by the University. The Student does not need to be a member of the NZIFST.
The prize consists of a certificate and $500, and one year free full membership to NZIFST.

Post-Graduate Student Awards at Annual Conference

Post-Graduate Students attending and presenting at the annual conference are eligible for prizes for the best Oral or Poster presentation. The Student winner does not need to be a member of the NZIFST.
The prize consists of a certificate and $500.

School Science Fair Prizes

The NZIFST Branches support the annual school (Intermediate & Secondary) Science Fairs in their local areas by providing judges and prizes (certificates and monetary) for projects that best demonstrate good food technology/science/engineering.


The Dairy Division offers a number of annual awards.

Distinguished Service Award
Aimed at acknowledging members who have contributed beyond the call of their normal jobs to the well-being of the New Zealand Dairy Industry. This is the highest honour offered by the Dairy Division.

Study Award
This Award is designed to help a deserving person who would not normally be given the opportunity, to travel to further their knowledge in their chosen field, or to pursue a course of study. The Award consists of a monetary grant of up to $15,000 to assist with travel and/or study for the recipient/s, who must be a financial member of NZIFST Dairy Division active in the New Zealand Dairy Industry at the time of application.

Young Achievers Award
Recognises an individual who is making a significant contribution to the dairy industry. The award assists recipients to attend the annual NZIFST Conference.

Young Achievers Award Click to Download Reader

Awards Granted Annually to Individuals In Association with Massey University:

Gold Medal Award
The Gold Medal Award and a grant is awarded annually to recognised outstanding achievement over the complete three year Diploma in Dairy Technology from Massey University.

Riddet Memorial Prize
The top Student in Dairy Microbiology and Dairy Chemistry in Section II of the Diploma in Dairy Technology receives a copy of the The Dairy Processing Handbook from TetraPak.

Dairy Industry Quality Performance Awards:

The Dairy Division administers the Annual Dairy Industry Quality Performance Awards to recognise all round quality performance. The award carries a plaque and a cash prize.

N.B. The Quality Performance awards are open to any registered dairy plant - entry is NOT restricted to Dairy Division members.

Processing plants must apply annual and present evidence of better than satisfactory performance in all and outstanding performance in at least one of the following areas:

Results from product grading
Customer complaints
Good Manufacturing practice
Technical Aspects of manufacture
Production efficiencies

Dairy Industry Quality Performance Awards Click to Download Reader.

Dairy Industry Quality Performance Awards Entry Form 2006 Click to Download Reader

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Ecolab Eco-Efficiency Award ECOLAB

Administered by NZIFST Dairy Division, this award is open to all New Zealand businesses.

The Ecolab Eco-Efficiency Award recognises businesses achieving environmental resource efficiencies along with waste reduction, by adhering to the NZ Packaging Accord and the Zero waste journey.

Businesses working to improve resource and waste management efficiencies bring about benefits that enhance our Economic, Social, and Environmental responsibility.

The award recipient will receive a plaque and a cash prize.

Ecolab EcoEfficiency Award 2008 criteria Click to Download Reader

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