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Dr Garth Wallace

Garth Wallace was senior lecturer in dairy chemistry at Massey University and worked with Jack Ward, senior lecturer in technology. Together they planned to have graduates trained for the dairy industry whose vision went beyond the traditional.

They were able to convince some influential members of the Massey Professorial Board and with Dr J.C. Andrews, Chancellor of the University, were successful in having a Department of Food Technology set up. Kelvin Scott was appointed the Foundation Professor of Food Technology in 1961.

Scott and Wallace organized the first food technology conference to be held at Massey in May 1964 and assisted in setting up NZIFST in 1964 -1965.

At the 1965 food technology conference the draft constitution was ratified and NZIFST was formed. Professor Scott became the first President of NZIFST and Garth Wallace its first Secretary.

Garth continued to support NZIFST for many years. Meanwhile he became a Reader and received his Ph.D.

In 1967 he was awarded the first J.C.Andrews Award � NZIFST�s most prestigious honour.

Garth was presented with his NZIFST Honorary Fellowship on the 5th December 1979 at a Manawatu Branch NZIFST meeting by the current NZIFST President Dick Hubbard.

Dr Garth Wallace died 27 October 1992, Palmerston North..

Contributed by Ron Hooker FNZIFST. Ron Hooker attended the very early Food Technology conferences, served on the NZIFST Council for two different periods, was the foundation chairman of the Canterbury Branch of NZIFST and was the NZIFST Executive Secretary for a number of years. He is currently still the (shared) Secretary of the Canterbury Branch NZIFST since the foundation of the branch.

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