NZIFST - The New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology Inc.

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NZIFST Annual Conference

Our Philosophy

Our Values

Amongst our membership:
equality between members
approachable, friendly, supportive, helpful
non-bureaucratic with sense of community
networking for comradeship and fun
open forum for interchange without prejudice
encouraging and rewarding of individual endeavour and innovation

Dealing with external stakeholders:
committed to safe, wholesome food supply for the community
unbiased, balanced, independent and honest
positive change agent, forward-looking, professional

Our Vision

A community of professionals providing trusted and independent leadership in food science and technology.

Our Mission

To be the New Zealand society for food industry professionals, benefiting members and humanity through the development and promotion of technical proficiency, ethical practices and communication.

Our Long Term Objectives

to develop and promote the profession of food science and technology;
to promote a technically responsible understanding of foods and food processing through dissemination of knowledge to Institute members, other professionals and the public;
to recognise the achievements of food industry professionals in development of the food industry, its ethics and the Institute;
to foster training, education, certification and career-long professional development for food industry professionals;
to promote ethical practices in the food industry;
to advise government or other appropriate organizations on matters relating to food science and technology;
to facilitate communication between food industry professionals in New Zealand and overseas;
to promote research and development that advances food science and technology for the benefit of the community;
to interact with other organizations related to the Institute.

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