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NZIFST Annual Conference

The RON HOOKER AWARD for Exemplary Service

This award is to recognise significant past or current service or contribution to the NZIFST, developing the affairs of the Institute, its Branches or Divisions. 

This award has been established to honour and recognise the outstanding contribution given by Ron Hooker to the NZIFST since its formation in 1965.

The RON HOOKER Award REPLACES the original Award for Exemplary Services that was initiated in 1993, and which had a narrower focus of recognising those who gave exceptional service to the Institute, and might not otherwise be recognised.

Ron Hooker Award Winners
2014 - Sandra Chambers (HBPB)
2015 - Winna Harvey (CY)
2016 - Dave Pooch (AK)
2017 - Margot Buick (WAI)

Exemplary Services Award Winners: 1993- 2010
1993 - Ms Frances.A. Bostock
1994 - Mr Peter Hawkins
1995 - Mr Graeme Summers
1998 - Mr Paul A Harrison
2002 - Mrs Allison Oosterman
2008 - Mrs Marion V Cumming
2010 - Mr Ronald O Hooker 

2017 Exemplary Award recipient - MARGOT BUICK

2016 Ron Hooker Award Winner - Dave Pooch

RHA 2015 - Winna Harvey with President David Everett

Inaugural Ron Hooker Award winner, 2014,  Sandra Chambers (2nd from L) with Ron Hooker's daughters

    NZIFST Exemplary Services Award winner 2010 - Ron Hooker

  NZIFST Exemplary Services Award 2008 - Marion Cumming

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