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NZIFST Annual Conference

Food Science & Technology in Action

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code

Overview – labelling & composition
Use this page as a quick guide to labelling and composition requirements for food sold in NZ, and other information in this section. If you're new, start here.

Food labelling

Identifying food additives
Alphabetic and numeric lists of food additives and their code numbers

Nutrition Panel Calculator
FSANZ’s Nutrition Panel Calculator (NPC) helps food manufacturers calculate the average nutrient content of their food products and prepare a nutrition information panel.

Health Star Rating - introduction

Health Star Rating - tools and resources

Nutrition, health and related claims

Food allergies and intolerances

Information pamphlets
Information from MPI on a whole range of issues – including pathogenic microbes found in food, MSG, aspartame, safe cooling of cooked rice.

Ingredients and Food Science
Food: A Fact Of Life (UK). Module for students aged 11-16 years. This module supports secondary school students learning about Functional properties of food, Food hygiene and safety, and Sensory evaluation. An exciting collection of interactive tutorials has been developed exploring: The senses and food, Umami, Food hygiene and safety, Overview of the functional properties of food.

Food Processing
Food: A Fact Of Life (UK). Module for students aged 11-16 years. This module supports secondary school students learning about: Food product development; Food manufacturing; Food packaging and labelling.

Australian Academy of Science, science communication and education.

World Without Food Science
World Without Food Science™ is a public education campaign created by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT, USA) to generate awareness of the role that food science plays in ensuring a nutritious, safe and abundant food supply.

Anchor Milk:
Milk's journey from cow to you; The goodness of Milk; Mythbusters; Anchor's Recycling Moo-vement, The Light Proof Bottle, and much more (NZ).

Baked Beans:
Wattie's Baked Beans manufacture featured on a recent episode of TV One's "The Food Truck". The Wattie's tour starts at 4:30 mins. (NZ).

Health and nutrition with fruit and vegetables (NZ).

Breeding red-fleshed apples:
Find out how and why a red-fleshed apple variety is being bred in New Zealand, and discover how genetic information, consumer research and sensory science are all involved. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Taewa (Māori potatoes):
Taewa are traditional potato varieties grown by early Māori settlers in New Zealand. Find out how researchers are now developing unique food products from taewa. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Different people respond differently to different foods. This is partly because we all have different genes, and our genes can affect the way our bodies deal with food. Because of this, particular food components will be more helpful to some people than to others. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Future foods:
What would you need to do to create a snack bar that tastes great and is healthy? Join the Lifestyle Foods team, where scientists, nutritionists and food manufacturers are working together to create a product that consumers want to buy. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Biotech Learning Hub:
Food technologists at the Riddet Institute have found a unique way of adding omega-3 fish oil to new functional foods without making them taste or smell fishy (NZ).
Explore the science and the art of cheesemaking and the development of this ancient biotechnology into a modern industry. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Westland Milk & EasiYo:
Westland Milk Products supplies its subsidiary company, EasiYo Products Ltd, with the highest quality milk powder, especially formulated for the production of yogurt based products (NZ).

Marvellous Milk:
Biotechnology is looking to find ways to add value to milk – New Zealand’s “white gold”. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Mining Milk:
Milk is a highly nutritional natural product that can be used for a wide range of different products. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Biscuit manufacturing process:
Griffins Foods (NZ).

Food intolerance and allergies:
Food intolerance and allergies have different causes but similar symptoms. Here, we describe what causes these conditions and how they are diagnosed and treated. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Food Function and Structure:
We all eat food because it provides the five fundamental types of materials required to keep our bodies functioning. Learn more about the structure and function of these materials. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Digestion Chemistry:
Food’s macronutrients undergo chemical breakdown as they move through the digestive system. Learn more about the digestion process and its hormonal control. Biotech Learning Hub (NZ).

Technology Online
These case studies tell the stories of technological projects from throughout New Zealand and beyond from conception to completion. They provide an excellent classroom resource for Technology teachers to use as examples of product, process and problem-solving in Technological Practice, and to celebrate the excellence of innovative New Zealanders. (NZ).

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