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Resources for use in the primary curriculum.

Anchor Milk:
Milk's Journey from cow to you; The Goodness of Milk; Mythbusters; Anchor's Recycling Moo-vement, The Light Proof Bottle, and much more (NZ).

Go Dairy:
Resources developed by Dairy NZ, all about the NZ dairy industry. (NZ).

Meadow Fresh Milk:
These resources were developed by Meadow Fresh for the NZASE National Primary Science Week. (NZ).

Tip Top Ice Cream:
To book a tour of the Tip Top ice cream factory in Auckland:

Cadbury Chocolate:
To book a tour of the Cadbury factory in Dunedin:

Science Kids:
Food Science for Kids:

Making plastic from milk:

TKI - Technology Online:
Is food a Technological Outcome?:

TKI - Technology Online:
Muesli bars unit:

TKI - Technology Online:
Technologists' practice case studies in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Classroom practice case studies in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Partnerships with industry case studies (3 are relevant to food technology):

TKI - Technology Online:
Student showcases in food technology and biotechnology:
Baking industry:
Resources developed by the Baking Industry Research Trust (NZ).

Biscuit manufacturing process:
Griffins Foods (NZ).

How sugar is made:
Chelsea Sugar (NZ).

Baked Beans:
Wattie's Baked Beans manufacture featured on a recent episode of TV One's "The Food Truck". The Wattie's tour starts at 4:30 mins. (NZ).

Biotechnology Learning Hub:
Includes resources about milk, cheese,MÄori potatoes, new varieties of apples, food allergies. (NZ).

Science Learning Hub:
The Science Learning Hub is developed by educators and teachers in collaboration with New Zealand scientists to provide resources for teachers of students up to year 10. (NZ).

Science New Zealand::
Food science and technology in action at the nine Crown Research Institutes (NZ).

How baking powder works::

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