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NZIFST Annual Conference

Job Options in Food Science, Technology & Engineering

Research Scientist

Job description:
Research and Development: Design, plan and conduct experiments and fieldwork, either to develop new and improved foods, food products and food processes, or to broaden knowledge of foods and food systems. Supervise the investigation of technical problems.

Qualifications and competencies required:
A relevant tertiary qualification (for example):
Bachelor of Science (Food Science),
B. Consumer & Applied Science,
Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Human Nutrition) .

Innovative, analytical, good communication skills, attention to detail, problem solving skills, project management skills, and familiarity with relevant systems and software.

Starting salary:

Mid career salary:

Career prospects:
Research Scientists are currently in short supply in New Zealand, so job prospects are excellent.
Your career path can lead into R&D management, technical management, operations management, general management.

Typical companies to work for:
Heinz Wattie's
Plant & Food Research
Riddet Institute
Universities - Auckland, AUT, Lincoln, Massey, Otago, Waikato.

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Food Technologist
Food Scientist
Chemical/Process Engineer
Analytical Chemist
Packaging Technologist
Research Scientist