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NZIFST Annual Conference

Teachers - Other Websites to visit

Teaching Food Science and Technology in the Secondary Curriculum

Supporting teachers in science activities:  

Bakeinfo (NZ Baking Industry Research Trust):
Information on baking, breadmaking, pastry cooking and flour milling (NZ).

CREST (Creativity in Science and Technology) - a national awards scheme designed to encourage student projects in Science and Technology, administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand:

Massey Food Technology:
Careers in food technology (NZ).

MPI Teacher's Resources

MPI - Careers in the primary industries

Riddet Institute

Royal Society of New Zealand, Teaching & Learning

Science Learning Hub
The Science Learning Hub is developed by educators and teachers in collaboration with New Zealand scientists, to provide resources for teachers of students from junior primary to senior secondary (NZ).

University of Otago Food Science
Information for schools:

Lincoln Food Science

AUT Food Science

MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries)

Science New Zealand

Plant & Food Research

NZ Nutrition Foundation

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How sugar is made:
Chelsea Sugar (NZ).

A SCIENCE LEARNING HUB feature about  The FOODBOWL contains a series of video clips illustrating the expertise, innovation and technology that goes into developing new food products for export:

TKI - Technology Online:
Technologists' practice case studies in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Classroom practice case studies in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Student showcases in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Gillian Mandley's Teacher Fellowship at Westland Milk Products:

TKI - Technology Online:
Sandy Goonan's Teacher Fellowship at EasiYo:

There are several resources on food technology in the Teaching Snapshots section, including (but not limited to):

TKI - Technology Online:
Technological Products in Food Technology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Technological products and outcomes in food technology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Munch around the World:

TKI - Technology Online:
Reverse Brief Development - Bacon Sundae:

TKI - Technology Online:
Chestnuts unit: