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NZIFST Annual Conference
NZIFST Food Industry Training website
Teachers - Other Websites to visit

Teaching Food Science and Technology in the Secondary Curriculum

Supporting teachers in science activities:  

Bakeinfo (NZ Baking Industry Research Trust):
Information on baking, breadmaking, pastry cooking and flour milling (NZ).

Biotechnology Learning Hub
How biotechnology is applied in food & beverage (NZ).

Biotech Learning Hub:
Food technologists at the Riddet Institute have found a unique way of adding omega-3 fish oil to new functional foods without making them taste or smell fishy (NZ).

CREST (Creativity in Science and Technology) - a national awards scheme designed to encourage student projects in Science and Technology, administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand:

Supporting the teaching of technology, engineering and science in schools (NZ).

Massey Food Technology:
Careers in food technology (NZ).

Riddet Institute

Royal Society of New Zealand, Teaching & Learning

Science Learning Hub
Exploring New Zealand's research, science and technology sectors (NZ).

University of Otago Food Science
Information for schools:

Lincoln Food Science

AUT Food Science

MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries)

Science Learning - Ever Wondered?
The future of food

Science New Zealand

Plant & Food Research

NZ Nutrition Foundation

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How sugar is made:
Chelsea Sugar (NZ).

A SCIENCE LEARNING HUB feature about  The FOODBOWL contains a series of video clips illustrating the expertise, innovation and technology that goes into developing new food products for export:

TKI - Technology Online:
Technologists' practice case studies in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Classroom practice case studies in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Partnerships with industry case studies (3 are relevant to food technology):

TKI - Technology Online:
Student showcases in food technology and biotechnology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Gillian Mandley's Teacher Fellowship at Westland Milk Products:

TKI - Technology Online:
Sandy Goonan's Teacher Fellowship at EasiYo:

There are several resources on food technology in the Teaching Snapshots section, including (but not limited to):

TKI - Technology Online:
Technological Products in Food Technology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Technological products and outcomes in food technology:

TKI - Technology Online:
Munch around the World:

TKI - Technology Online:
Reverse Brief Development - Bacon Sundae:

TKI - Technology Online:
Chestnuts unit: