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NZIFST Annual Conference

Tertiary Students

Careers in Food Science, Technology & Engineering

Go HERE for a list of CURRENT JOB VACANCIES in food science, technology & engineering, and for a list of RECRUITMENT COMPANIES specialising in these fields.

Go HERE for a list of JOB OPTIONS in FST&E.

Scholarships, Prizes & Funding available during and after tertiary study:

Scholarships and prizes available through NZIFST to tertiary students studying food science, technology & engineering, and to graduates:

List of past prize-winners of NZIFST prizes and scholarships:

Other scholarships and funding available to tertiary students studying food science, technology & engineering:

Some useful websites:

Fonterra Careers
Graduate careers at Fonterra, the multinational dairy company (NZ).

Plant & Food Research Summer Studentships
A special “career experience” for high calibre candidates


 Summer research studentships at the University of Otago (pdf)
Two students who had completed their food science degrees at the University of Otago, spent the summer working on research projects in the Department of Food Science at the university.

 2017/8 Summer Student at MPI (pdf)
When she worked at the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Trisha Castillo had completed 3 years of her Massey food tech degree, majoring in Food Product Technology.

 2017/8 Summer students at Formula Foods, GreenMount Foods, Prolife Foods and Invita (pdf)
Over summer, the food processing industry employs university students to provide additional technical resources during a busy time of year, and help with projects that might otherwise be postponed. For the students, the work experience gives them valuable experience implementing the theory they have learnt at university, an insight into the career options available to them once they graduate, and valuable networking opportunities .
By Jenny Dee.

 2017/8 Summer students at Dairy Goat Co-op and Fonterra Brands Tip Top (pdf)
When she worked as an Assistant R&D Technologist at the Dairy Goat Co-operative (DGC), Robin Jervis had completed the second year of her BSc Chemistry and Biological Sciences at the University of Waikato.
By Jenny Dee. 

Callaghan Innovation’s R&D Experience Grants for summer students
Businesses doing R&D can benefit from Callaghan Innovation’s R&D Experience Grants, to employ undergraduate students to help with research.
By Jenny Dee.

FDRC summer students 2017
The Fonterra Research and Development Centre (FRDC)
has run a Summer Student programme for many years.
- By Jenny Dee.

Gemma Merrall, summer student at Hawkins Watts
Work experience in the quality department of an ingredients supply company.

Ivy Crawford, summer student at Dairy Goat Co-operative (NZ) Ltd...
Summer work placement for a biotechnology degree student.

Plant & Food Research Summer Student Programme
Summer student programme: a symbiotic relationship between companies and university students.
By Mario Alayon and Eileen Han

Summer students through Callaghan Innovation's R&D Experience Gr...
Businesses doing R&D can benefit from Callaghan Innovation's R&D Experience Grants, which are used to employ undergraduate students to help with research.

Summer students, Tegel 2016/7
As they have in past years, Tegel Foods employed three Massey food technology students as interns during the 2016/7 summer break. All the students had completed three years of their four year degree.

Hawkins Watts supports uni students with summer work and PD proj...
Hawkins Watts supports uni students with summer work and 4th year product development projects.
- by Jenny Dee.

FRDC student work experience
Over the 2015/16 summer holidays, Fonterra Research and Development Centre provided work experience for 15 science, technology and engineering students
- By Jenny Dee.

R&D Experience Grants available from Callaghan Innovation for un...
Businesses doing R&D can apply for an R&D Experience Grant from Callaghan Innovation, to employ undergraduate students during the summer student break.
- By Jenny Dee.

Tegel student work experience
Work experience at Tegel Foods for Massey third year Food Tech students: a win/win for both the students and the company
- By Jenny Dee.

Summer students - a win-win
Industry also benefits from providing work experience for students studying food science and technology degrees.
By Jenny Dee.

Careers in Food Science, Technology and Engineering in New Zeala...
By Lara Fleming, Consultant, Scientific & Technical Recruitment Limited

From Undergraduate to Product Development Technologist
In late November 2010, Heinz Wattie's Ltd employed 6 Food Science and Technology graduates. 3 from Otago University and 3 from Massey University. All 6 are working as Product Development Technologists in various areas of the business.

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Careers in food science, technology & engineering
Student membership is available to students studying full-time for an Institute-accredited qualification at any University or Tertiary Institute/Polytechnic. Such membership must be applied for annually.
More details about Student membership, with application form:
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Unit Operations in Food Processing - the Web Edition
The free web edition of a popular textbook known for its simple approach to the principles of food processing.

Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology - the Web Edition
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