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NZIFST Annual Conference
NZIFST Food Industry Training website

NZIFST Conference 2017, 4th - 6th July

Rutherford Hotel, NELSON

    Ian Proudfoot
Global Head of Agribusiness, KPMG (New Zealand)

Ian Proudfoot leads KPMG’s Consumer/Industrial Markets and Agribusiness lines of business. He provides audit and transaction services to clients in a wide range of sectors, including agribusiness, retail and distribution. Ian joined KPMG in London and transferred to Auckland in 1996. Since that time he has undertaken a diverse range of client assignments including a 12 month secondment managing financial reporting and consolidation for a major New Zealand company. Ian Proudfoot is the author of KPMG's leading publication Agribusiness Agenda.


  Bill Kay-Blake 

  Claire O’Connell  

  Dr. Arie Hendrik Havelaar is a Preeminent Professor in the Animal Sciences Department, the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems and the Emerging Pathogens Institute of the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA.

His research focuses on quantitative approaches to foodborne diseases and prevention. Recent activities on the epidemiology of foodborne diseases include estimating the true incidence of foodborne illness, attribution of human disease to food and other pathways, estimating the disease burden using Disability Adjusted Life Years as a summary metric of public health and estimating cost-of-illness.

Quantitative microbial risk assessment studies include method development and farm-to-fork modeling of pathogens in animal and produce food chains as a basis for evaluating the public health impact of interventions, cost-benefit and risk-benefit analysis, and decision support modeling.

Arie Havelaar is chairing the WHO Foodborne Disease Burden Reference Group (FERG), which has published the global burden of foodborne disease in 2015, and is leading the Animal Disease Management and Food Safety Area in the USAID funded Feed the Future Innovation lab for Livestock Systems.

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