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NZIFST Annual Conference

Dairy Division

About the Division

DIANZThe NZIFST Dairy Division is the result of an association between the Dairy Industry Association of New Zealand (DIANZ) and the New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST).

DIANZ is no longer be responsible for activities related to members' professional development. To accommodate this dairy interest group NZIFST has added on an eighth division known as "NZIFST Dairy Division".

Dairy industryThe Dairy Division aims to advance and enhance communication within the dairy industry as part of the wider food industry through:

Promoting the advancement of education within the dairy industry (courses, seminars, and conferences and/or providing support and assistance to other professional training providers).

Organising forums for the exchange of information in the form of meetings, conferences, seminars, study tours, etc.

Providing information for inclusion in publications to promote the dairy industry as an industry of choice for new recruits.

Encouraging the professional development of members of the Division and others within the dairy industry.

Doing such other things as may be considered to enhance the Division and the Institute.

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