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Employers Group

About the Group

The NZIFST Employers' Group is an association of Food Industry organizations who employ members of NZIFST. The Group has been formed with the following objectives:

1. To support the Institute by:

Encouraging staff to become members of NZIFST and to take part in Institute activities
Engaging in dialogue with the Institute about Employers' needs so that Institute programmes can better meet those needs.

2. To serve as a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the Industry and the Institute.

There are many benefits of employing NZIFST members, and all facilitated via NZIFST membership, including:

1. ATTRACTING Technical Staff

NZIFST membership as part of a salary ‘package' is an attractive benefit to staff
NZIFST ‘Approval' of Group Partners
NZIFST helps employers with staff recruitment
NZIFST attracts students to Food Science, Technology & Engineering professions

2. DEVELOPING Technical Staff

NZIFST Professional Development
- Courses and Seminars
- Conference
- Special Interest Groups
NZIFST network enhances staff - problem solving, ideas
NZIFST network ‘opens doors' - access to Industry, R&D, Government

3. RETAINING Technical Staff

Being Challenged & Performing Successfully
‘Going Places' in their Profession
Not isolated:in touch with What's Happening

NZIFST will facilitate occasional meetings of the Group on areas of mutual interest.
Employers' Group Partners will each receive a plaque acknowledging their membership.
NZIFST will publicize your Partnership in its publications and on its website.


Nominate a company contact - someone who knows about the relationship with NZIFST and can take responsibility for communication with NZIFST
Encourage your staff to join NZIFST during induction, and via internal communications
Distribute NZIFST information internally within your company
Support your staff to become involved in NZIFST, by allowing the use of employer time and facilities, and encouraging attendance at seminars and conferences and applications for awards
NZIFST encourages you to display the ‘NZIFST Employers' Group Partner' plaque in your reception area, and the NZIFST Logo on your website and in selected publications


You must employ at least one NZIFST member, and agree to the terms set out above under ‘Your role as an NZIFST partner'.

Partnership in the Employers' Group is FREE. Simply fill out an application form, DOWNLOAD HERE or contact:

Executive Manager, NZIFST
PO Box 8031
Palmerston North.

Tel +64 6 356 1686
Fax +64 6 356 1687

"Trusted and Independent Professional Leadership in Food Science and Technology"
NZIFST, the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology, is the professional link uniting people in the food industry who apply science and technology to the processing and distribution of foods.

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