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Nutrition Special Interest Group 
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Food Safety Special Interest Group


To support NZIFST Objectives and Strategies by

Promoting Quality Management Principles in the Food Industry
Running seminars that update members on food related issues
Updating the Good Manufacturing Practice booklet
Developing Quality Management Guidelines that encompass regulatory requirements
Developing networks with other organizations - NZOQ, Tradenz, NZ Micro Society.

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NZFSA public register of all NZ Food Recall notices:

Guidelines for determining likely causative agent of food poisoning complaints (FDA Bacteriological Analytical Manual online):

Foodsmart (NZ):

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies
Irradiation and Food Safety
Bacteria Associated with Foodborne Diseases
Resistance and Adaptation to Food Antimicrobials, Sanitizers, and Other Process Controls
Parasites and the Food Supply
Food Allergies and Other Food Sensitivities
Extended Shelf Life Refrigerated Foods: Microbiological Quality and Safety
Irradiation of Food
Foodborne Disease Significance of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Other Enterohemorrhagic E. coli
Assessing, managing, and communicating chemical food risks
Virus transmission via food

... and more.

Microbiological Food Safety for Children and Vulnerable Groups
Avoiding cross-contamination in the home
Keeping It Safe

American Academy of Microbiology (AAM) Critical Issues Colloquia Reports

C.H.I.P.S. Books - HACCP, Sanitation and Safety in Food Processing

Nutrition Special Interest Group

Mission Statement

The Nutrition Special Interest Group exists to provide the forum for discussion on current food and nutrition issues.
The Special Interest Group proposes to promote speakers to present papers on nutrition issues at the NZIFST Annual Conference.
The Special Interest Group provides papers for the Nutrition section of the Food New Zealand Journal. This platform allows an opportunity for discussion and debate on current issues. Nutrition Division members are encouraged to contribute articles and comment for publication in this section.

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Ann Hayman

Packaging Special Interest Group

About the Group

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Tom Robertson

Sensory Special Interest Group

About the Group

Sensory Special Interest GroupThe Sensory Special Interest Group is an interest group that was started to provide individuals a forum for learning more about sensory evaluation, not only in the food industry but also other areas where sensory evaluation can be applied.

1. Promote sensory evaluation within New Zealand.
2. Provide workshops using experts from within New Zealand, as well as internationally so that new sensory evaluation techniques can be learned and used within New Zealand.
3. Provide a forum for sensory evaluation practitioners to discuss their own area of sensory evaluation and discuss any problems they may be encountering.
4. Provide a network of people with whom ideas can be discussed and from whom information can be gained when a company is considering moving into new areas of sensory or updating their current practices.

The benefits of Group membership are:
Regular informative newsletters, keeping you up to date with the world of sensory science, both within NZ and worldwide.
Opportunities to mix with other sensory professionals during our regular programme of meetings.
A forum for professional development through networking and knowing others working in the area of sensory science.

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Hester Cooper