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NZIFST Annual Conference

Sensory Special Interest Group

About the Group

Sensory Special Interest GroupThe Sensory Special Interest Group is an interest group that was started to provide individuals a forum for learning more about sensory evaluation, not only in the food industry but also other areas where sensory evaluation can be applied.

1. Promote sensory evaluation within New Zealand.
2. Provide workshops using experts from within New Zealand, as well as internationally so that new sensory evaluation techniques can be learned and used within New Zealand.
3. Provide a forum for sensory evaluation practitioners to discuss their own area of sensory evaluation and discuss any problems they may be encountering.
4. Provide a network of people with whom ideas can be discussed and from whom information can be gained when a company is considering moving into new areas of sensory or updating their current practices.

The benefits of Group membership are:
Regular informative newsletters, keeping you up to date with the world of sensory science, both within NZ and worldwide.
Opportunities to mix with other sensory professionals during our regular programme of meetings.
A forum for professional development through networking and knowing others working in the area of sensory science.

6th Annual New Zealand/Australia Sensory Symposium
February 8 & 9, 2012 – Barossa Valley, Australia

“The World of Flavour"

Flavour is a major contributor to the sensory profile of a food or beverage and something that food and beverage companies are always trying to understand in their products. At this year’s Symposium, sensory professionals will learn more about flavour and how it is perceived by individuals, how it interacts with other components in foods, and what psychological influences impact flavour perception. Ultimately a better understanding of flavour will help sensory professionals support the creation of appealing consumer products.

For more information and register download Sensory Workshop 2012 Click to Download Reader

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