NZIFST - The New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology Inc.

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NZIFST Annual Conference


Professional Membership Application:


I am applying to be a: Professional Member ' Please note that two referees' reports AND your brief CV are also required.
01: And I Am *:
02: If former Professional Member approximately when were you last a member?:
03: I was introduced by (please type full name of the member who encouraged you to join/rejoin):
04: Title *:
05: First Names *:
06: Last Name *:
07: Known as:
08: Your Academic Qualifications ( Please give year awarded Institution Country for each):
09: Job Title *:
10: Company / Institution *:
11: Address One Mailing Address (PO Box or Street):
12: Address One Suburb:
13: Address One City:
14: Address One Postcode:
15: Address One Phone *:
16: Address One Fax:
17: Address One Mobile *:
18: Address One Email *:
19: Address Two Street / PO Box *:
20: Address Two Suburb:
21: Address Two City *:
22: Address Two Postcode:
23: Address Two Phone:
24: Address Two Fax:
25: Address Two Mobile:
26: Address Two Email *:
27: My preferred POSTAL address is *: Work
28: My preferred EMAIL address is *: Work
SECTION B ' Optional Special Interest Group Memberships (no extra fee)
29: Please tick the boxes if you wish to join any or all of the following groups: Dairy Division
  Food Safety Group
  Sensory Evaluation Group
  Nutrition Group
  Packaging Group
SECTION C ' Privacy Act, Rules, Ethics and Declaration
I understand that you will post me the free bi-monthly journal Food NZ; email the fortnightly e-zine 'Nibbles'; and will include my name preferred email address and work place in the Members' Only area of the NZIFST website - And I can cancel these at any time by notifying the Executive Manager *: I Agree
I declare the information given with this application to be correct I undertake if admitted to abide by the Institute's Rules and Code of Ethics *: I Agree
SECTION D ' Your Qualifications & Experience
To evaluate your eligibility for Professional Membership we require your Curriculum Vita, OR a statement OR list that clearly shows:
  • The academic qualifications and other professional recognition you have received ' Proof of qualification may be requested later
  • AND gives evidence of your RESPONSIBILITY and COMPETENCY within the food industry.
This should include positions you have held, length of service, and type of work undertaken in each position, to demonstrate that:
  • Throughout your food industry career you have developed personally to a level whereby you have accepted significant responsibility as a professional, AND
  • Throughout your career you have achieved competency in food science and technology, a
At its discretion, the Membership Committee may recognise some or all of such experience as qualifying experience
Please attach and send your CV to with your full name in the filename.
We require TWO supporting referee's statements, from

two Fellow or Professional Members of the NZIFST,

one Fellow or Professional Member of the NZIFST AND your current manager/supervisor/employer.
Please contact if you would like to confirm the eligibility of your chosen referees.
Please tell us your referees names. Either we will contact them on yor behalf
OR You can download the referee form here and ask them to complete it and send it
30: Referee One Name *:
31: Referee One Company *:
32: Referee One Email *:
33: Referee One Phone Number *:
34: Referee Two Name *:
35: Referee Two Email *:
36: Referee Two Company *:
37: Referee Two Phone Number *:
38: Please contact my Referees on my behalf *: Yes
NOTE: If necessary, the NZIFST Membership Review Committee retains the right to request further information from you to evaluate your application for membership of the NZIFST


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If for any reason you can't submit the online form, you can download this PDF version:

Professional Membership - Application Click to Download Reader

Please complete the form in full, sign, and mail with any requested attachments to NZIFST at the address below.

If you wish to receive further information concerning membership please contact: 

Rosemary Hancock
Executive Manager
PO Box 5574
Terrace End
Palmerston North 4441

Email: Executive Manager NZIFST


The NZIFST membership subscription year is 1 April to 31 March.








Membership Type
2017/18 year
$ 218.00

All fees quoted inclusive of GST.
Full members joining during the year are charged pro rata.
A discount may apply to Full subscriptions paid by due date.