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Food Safety - Introductory Training for the Food Industry (DVD)

New Zealand consumers, and our customers in export markets, demand that our food is safe. While it will never be possible to give absolute guarantees of safety throughout the whole food chain, from producer to manufacturer to consumer, food safety programmes should be in place at every stage, to minimise all known risks.

Food Safety - Introductory Training for the Food Industry covers food contamination, pest control and personal hygiene as well as food storage and microbiology. (21 minutes long).

Food safety... It's crucial, even fundamental to the success of any food company - whether it is at the production, processing or retailing end of the business. Yet the incidence of food-borne illness continues to rise. It's bad for business but there are also added incentives to tighten up on food safety. Our food legislation is being strengthened as part of the change from prescriptive food safety regulations to an enabling risk management focus that puts the responsibility directly onto the producer or processor.

The video/DVD "Food Safety: Introductory Training in the Food Industry" is a fundamental food safety training aid aimed at New Zealand food manufacturers. It is designed to facilitate discussion and to illustrate the different means of achieving food safety over a variety of industries and companies (of various sizes).

Topics covered include:

What is food safety?
Who is responsible?
Contamination of Food
Temperature control
Food storage
Personal hygiene
Food preparation and service
Cleaning and sanitising
Pest control.

Twenty New Zealand food manufacturing companies allowed their premises to be filmed. Topics covered include food contamination, pest control and personal hygiene as well as food storage and microbiology (including some fascinating shots of live Listeria growing on a culture plate!). The DVD is based on food safety standards 167 and 168.

"It's a video that could be used by anyone in the food industry to get across key points in the food safety message. The video has been designed so it can be stopped for a discussion of points raised," Lesley Steeples says.

The video was sponsored by AgriQuality (now AsureQuality) and produced by Christchurch company, Diage Multimedia. The need for the video became obvious when Lesley Steeples tried to find suitable New Zealand food safety training material but could only find overseas videos focussed mainly on the hospitality industry. Project team co-ordinators were Cathy McArdle and Chris Yates, supported by Frances Bostock, Tanya Reid and Lesley Steeples.

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