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Unit Operations in Food Processing - the Web Edition

This is the free web edition of a popular textbook known for its simple approach to the diversity and complexity of food processing.


Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology - the Web Edition
Understanding and controlling changes in foods during processing and storage
By Richard L. Earle and Mary D. Earle

Creating New Foods: The Product Developer's Guide - the Web Edition
By Mary D. Earle and Richard L. Earle
First published in 1966 but still relevant today, Unit Operations in Food Processing explains the principles of operations and illustrates them by individual processes.

Each Chapter contains unworked examples to help the student food technologist or process engineer gain a grasp of the subject.

Now in electronic form, fully searchable and cross-linked, this online resource will also be a useful quick reference for technical workers in the food industry.

The author, Dick Earle (owner of the copyright) gives permission to download and print any part or all of the text for any nonprofit purposes. Content can be printed by individual page, or as complete Chapters.

Funding, publication and hosting for the book is provided by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST).

This web edition of Unit Operations in Food Processing is given by Dick and Mary Earle, with the support of the NZIFST, as a service to education in food technology, and to the wider food industry.

Unit Operations in Food Processing - the Web Edition

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Unit Operations in Food Processing by Prof. Dick Earle has been distributed and used as a food technology text book all over the world, was printed in two editions, and has been translated into five languages.
It was originally published by Pergamon Press - First edition 1966; Second edition 1983.

Since the English version went out of print in 1991, the author, Prof. Dick Earle, and his wife Mary, felt it was appropriate to make the book freely and widely available through the Web. While they themselves provided most of the effort involved in ressurecting an electronic version of the text, funding, publication and hosting for the book was provided by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST).

R. L. EarleAbout the Author
R. L. Earle, Emeritus Professor, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Dick Earle trained as a chemical engineer, and in research in food technology, before entering the New Zealand meat industry. His interests were particularly in refrigeration and energy usage, heat transfer and freezing, and byproduct and waste processing.

Dick joined Massey University in 1965, initially in food technology, and later founding the biotechnology discipline, which had special interests in the processing of biologically-based materials.

He has published several books jointly with his wife (Dr) Mary Earle on product development and reaction technology, and many technical papers and reports. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ). Dick and Mary Earle have recently established a scholarship for the support and encouragement of postgraduate research into aspects of technology in New Zealand universities.