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Secondary Teachers

Teaching Food Science and Technology in the Secondary Curriculum


Massey University MUFTi Kits - food experiment kits designed to demonstrate the use of additives in food product development -

A SCIENCE LEARNING HUB feature about  The FOODBOWL contains a series of video clips illustrating the expertise, innovation and technology that goes into developing new food products for export:

To book a tour of the Tip Top ice cream factory in Auckland:

To book a tour of the Cadbury factory in Dunedin:

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How NZIFST can help

Contact NZIFST - members maybe able to help with:

ideas for FS&T experiments and projects, and sourcing food ingredients
help in designing modules, answering questions about food technology
working food technologists willing to come and to talk to students
arranging local food factory visits

NZIFST CAREERS & EDUCATION CONTACTS (for enquiries from within New Zealand only):

NZIFST Executive Manager:


Several members of NZIFST are Futureintech Ambassadors, specifically trained to support secondary teachers and inspire students. They’re able to relate to the students, explain and demonstrate their careers, and show how subjects like maths, technology and science are used in real jobs. They can also help students with Food Technology projects.

See below for some examples of how NZIFST members work with secondary schools.

What do food technologists do? Michelle Lucke, food technologist at Kraft Heinz, gives an insight into her job (click to play video):


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Milk Matters: Towards Sustainable Dairying
Waikato Museum
29 November 2016 - 29 April 2018


From Product Development Challenge to Product Development Techno...
One of the highlights of the NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge is following the careers of students who have done the Challenge and subsequently chosen to study food science, technology or engineering at university.
- By Jenny Dee.

The benefits of the Challenge to food technology students
Sandy Goonan, HOD Technology at Carmel College, has been involved with the NZIFST/ CREST Student Product Development Challenge since 2009.
- By Jenny Dee

Edna Waddell Undergraduate Scholarships for Women in Technology...
Professors Emeriti Dick and Mary Earle, who made a huge contribution to developing the biotechnology and food technology degrees at Massey University in the 1960s, established the Edna Waddell Scholarships in 2008, to encourage women to study engineering and technology.
By Jenny Dee.

Otago students benefit from NZIFST/CREST Student Product Develop...
Three students, who completed the NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge whilst at school, are now at the University of Otago studying Food Science or Consumer Food Science.
By Jenny Dee.

Industry visits for senior school students from Hawke's Bay scho...
For the tenth consecutive year, the Hawke's Bay branch and Kerre Devonport-Ward, the local Massey University Student Recruitment Adviser, collaborated to organise industry visits for students interested in careers in the agri-food industry, and their teachers/careers advisers.
By Jenny Dee

The NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge - authent...
(11 June 2015) When we designed the NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge seven years ago, our goals included providing participating students with an authentic experience of what product development technologists in the food industry do, and in doing so, giving them an insight into what a career in our industry could involve. Feedback from teachers and students indicates that the Challenge is achieving these goals.
By Jenny Dee.

From Student PD Challenge to a career in the food industry
Article from 2011 SPD Challenge student Frankie Moull
By Frankie Moull.

Professional learning and development for food technology and sc...
In April, Massey, Lincoln and Otago universities ran professional learning and development courses for the teachers involved in the 2014 NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge.
By Jenny Dee.

Botany Downs SC presents to Snap Fresh
The team from Botany Downs Secondary College which came second in the 2013 NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge in Auckland, was invited by their client, Snap Fresh Foods, to do a presentation to company management, about the product they developed.

Maree Letford - Endeavour Teacher Fellow
I am Maree Letford, Head of Department of Home Economics at Te Awamutu College, and currently an Endeavour Teacher Fellow.

Ritu Sehji - Endeavour Teacher Fellow
I am a teacher in charge of food technology at Diocesan School for Girls, with a constant drive for new challenges in the field of technology education.

NZIFST HB branch report on the 2013 Science Fairs
On Friday 23 August, Kevin Dodsworth, Jenny Dee, Margaret Bird, Cathie Hamilton, Marco Maiorana and Wilma van Cruysen judged the food industry prizes at the EIT Hawke's Bay Science and Technology Fair.
By Jenny Dee.

Wellington High School and the NZIFST/CREST Student Product Deve...
(September 2012) The food technology teachers at Wellington High School say that the NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge has made a significant difference to their students.

Gillian Mandley, Endeavour Teacher Fellow January –June 2012
I have just completed a six month Endeavour Teacher Fellowship, hosted by Tracey Feary (Food Scientist), Paula Hewer (Compliance Manager) and Michael Teen (Head of Research and Development) at Westland Milk Products.
By Gillian Mandley.

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