Mary D. Earle and Richard L. Earle
The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
A systematic approach to managing the development
of commercial food products
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About the authors
1. The product
development project
in the company

2. The organisation of
the product
development project

3. Product strategy
development: idea
generation and

4. Product strategy
development: product
concepts and design

5. Product design and
process development

6. Product

7. Product launch and

8. Summary: bringing
it together

8.10 Textbooks in
product development

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Creating New Foods. The Product Developer's Guide
This is the free web edition of a book, first published in 1999 by Chandos Publishing (Oxford) Ltd. and republished by Chadwick House Group Ltd. in 2001.

This web edition has been extensively revised and updated.

The book is an introduction to food product development for product developers starting in the food industry, and for undergraduate students in an introductory product development course. It is an interactive book to be used in conjunction with a product development project; it is assumed that the reader is either starting a product development project and will be involved until the launching of the product or is studying a completed product development project. The book leads the reader through the PD project.

The authors, Mary Earle and Dick Earle, with the kind permission of the copyright holder, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, give permission to download and print any part or all of the text for any nonprofit purposes. Content can be printed by individual page, or as complete Chapters.

Funding, publication and hosting for the book is provided by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST). The web edition has been prepared by Chris Newey of Foodworks.

This web edition of Creating New Foods. The Product Developer's Guide is given by Dick and Mary Earle, with the support of the NZIFST, as a service to education in food technology, and to the wider food industry.

Creating New Foods. The Product Developer's Guide - the Web Edition

For a more advanced discussion of food product development processes and techniques, see this text by the same authors:

Food product development - the Web Edition
By M. Earle, R. Earle, and A. Anderson


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