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NZIFST - The New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology
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Upcoming events

    • 30 Aug 2022
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Lincoln University - Science South, Lincoln University Room 052

    • 14 Sep 2022
    • 6:15 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Remuera Club

    The NZIFST Auckland Branch committee recognised the need to connect their younger members with the more senior members from our Institute, so organised their first speed mentoring event in 2020.  The feedback from this event was overwhelmingly positive, so added this event into their fixtures as an annual event.


    The evenings format will include a number of one-on-one discussions between our senior members (mentors) and junior members (mentees), each typically of 5-6 minutes duration.  While we have described this event as “Speed Mentoring” our aim is to facilitate contacts within the Auckland branch and increase the awareness to our younger members, of the wealth of experience that resides within our industry, particularly from our Fellows and long standing senior members.
    • 15 Nov 2022
    • 8:45 AM
    • 17 Nov 2022
    • 4:30 PM
    • Novotel Hotel Cathedral Square, CHRISTCHURCH
    • 16

    EHEDG Advanced Course on Hygienic Design

    EHEDG NZ is excited to offer the second delivery of this premium hygienic design training offering this year. The hands-on 3-day course comes with a globally recognised certificate to completion and targets key hygienic design stakeholders and leaders within the Food Manufacturing Industry, Equipment Suppliers and Project Managers, Third Party auditing agencies and Service organisations. After completion of this course, participants will be qualified to lead hygienic design risk assessments in their workplace.


    This course will provide knowledge and insight into the hygienic design of equipment and and hygienic engineering aspects especially for the food, but also for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.


    • Designers from technical engineering, process development and quality assurance
    • Management, marketing and sales staff from design and mechanical engineering companies and food manufacturers
    • Operators, maintenance engineers, installers and sanitarians
    • Auditors, inspectors, testers, consultants and certifiers


    • EHEDG members (Company/Institution or Individual)
    • Students
    • Multiple registrations from same company

    For the full course brochure and programme CLICK HERE

    [NOTES: This course is limited to 24 attendees & registration closes 6th October]

Past events

4 Aug 2022 NZIFST Student Careers Evening
28 Jul 2022 NZIFST AK Branch AGM - with Off-Piste Provisions
19 Jul 2022 WEBINAR - Covid-19 & Food Safety (on-line only)
5 Jul 2022 NZIFST Conference 2022
15 Jun 2022 Virtual Tour - Visit the Wild West Coast without leaving home!
14 Jun 2022 Waikato AGM & FED Talk (in-person only)
26 May 2022 WEBINAR: "Feel like insect tonight?"
24 May 2022 Canterbury Westland AGM 2022
5 Apr 2022 WEBINAR - Implementation of PEAL
30 Mar 2022 WEBINAR - Meat alternatives are still alternatives for Kiwis
8 Mar 2022 EHEDG Advanced Course on Hygienic Design (New Dates!)
30 Nov 2021 PRESENTATION: "Upcycling Food" + NZIFST Special General Meeting
18 Nov 2021 Auckland Branch Christmas Party 2021 - now on-line!
27 Oct 2021 WEBINAR - Pea Protein Extraction
21 Oct 2021 WEBINAR: "UV Technologies for Surface Disinfection"
12 Oct 2021 FED Talk: Introduction to Fungi - Mythic Mushrooms
30 Sep 2021 WEBINAR: "Turitea, we have a problem"
22 Sep 2021 NZ Food Price Index (On-line)
7 Sep 2021 WEBINAR: Sous Vide and the role of proteolytic enzymes in tenderising meat
24 Aug 2021 CY Branch presents "It's Student Evening!" (POSTPONED: DATE TBA)
5 Aug 2021 "Food Smoking - the science behind the art" Webinar & IN-person
20 Jul 2021 WEBINAR: "Spray drying of sticky products"
29 Jun 2021 WEBINAR - "Revolutionary means for freezing liquid products"
29 Jun 2021 "We're here to help you" - Tracey Sheehy
15 Jun 2021 "Export Recall and Non-Conformance" with Andrew McKay
10 Jun 2021 Auckland Branch AGM - "Moustache"
17 May 2021 Canterbury Westland AGM 2021
11 May 2021 Carolyn Mortland ”Food sustainability: a Fonterra perspective”.
13 Apr 2021 The Microbiome as We Age
29 Mar 2021 New allergen labelling rules: impact of the new code
17 Mar 2021 NZIFST 2020 JC Andrews Address - Phil Bremer
10 Feb 2021 "RISK = OMG x WTF!"
9 Feb 2021 NZOZ Sensory & Consumer Science Symposium
26 Nov 2020 Auckland Branch Christmas Party
10 Nov 2020 “Do Food Regulations stifle Innovation: A formulation perspective”
29 Oct 2020 NZIFST Food Industry Awards 2020 - NEW DATE CONFIRMED
13 Oct 2020 Speed Mentoring
9 Sep 2020 NZIFST Auckland Branch Careers Evening
7 Jul 2020 "There and Back Again. A Pandemic's Tale (in the Food Industry)"
10 Feb 2020 "The birth and journey of a luxury food brand"
30 Jan 2020 Creating Value Through Innovation: An Interactive Workshop
14 Nov 2019 NZIFST Auckland Branch Garden Christmas Party
31 Oct 2019 Whole Genome Sequencing Conference
24 Oct 2019 AK Branch ICE-CREAM Judging night with Kay McMath
1 Oct 2019 Advancing Food Safety & Quality Through Hygienic Design - a 3-day course presented by EHEDG
9 Sep 2019 AK Branch - SPEED MENTORING event
8 Aug 2019 NZIFST Auckland Branch - STUDENT CAREER EXPO
2 Jul 2019 NZIFST Annual Conference
20 Mar 2019 Bronson-Savpac Tour
19 Mar 2019 Canterbury Branch Meeting
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